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revolution. he studied law at prestigious peking university, then joined the party's communist youth league. former president hu was in charge of the league at the time. li followed in his footsteps and later became leader of the group. in 1999, li took charge of the henan region and became china's youngest provincial governor. in 2004, he assumed the top party post of liaoning province. li became a member of the powerful politburo in 2007. party leaders promoted him, along with xi jinping, by two ranks. he became first vice premier the following year, taking charge of energy, social security and other policies. now, china's citizens grew increasingly dissatisfied with the government's handling of a range of problems during wen's ten years in office. now they're waiting to see how li keqiang will steer the country into the future. nhk world's michitaka yamaka reports from beijing. >> reporter: the members of the national people's congress overwhelmingly approved li's appointment as premier. wen was known as a leader with a common touch, but li projects a more elite image. li also springs fr
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1